Topics of Interest

This year, we want to make Software Product Management Summit even better, including the most exciting topics that you want to learn and talk about. Therefore, we asked you, the software product management community, to help us identify what is hot for you in your work. 

Here are the key topics that we want to talk about at the Software Product Management Summit:

  • The Successful Product Manager: Benchmarks, Metrics, Organization Targets and KPIs

  • Product-Market Fit Analysis

  • Effective Competitive Analysis as a Product Management Activity

  • Product Management in an Agile Environment

  • Using tools with Product Management

  • Agile Product Management and Scaling Agile Frameworks

  • Agile Product Roles: The Product Manager and the Product Owner

  • Pricing as part of the Product Manager's role

  • Product Management and Artificial Intelligence

  • Product Management in a large B2B Organization