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Do Startups Need SPMs by Haragopal Mangipudi, guNaka Consulting

Startups by definition start very small and most often are barely staffed enough to manage. Do they need an SPM - how do they manage where there is no SPM and what are the implications? What are the challenges of founder playing the role of the SPM?

The current SPM framework is a proven model for large software product companies. A significant majority of the global software products by revenue in the next five years and beyond would have started as startups. Thus, it is important for all stakeholders to understand the implications of having the SPM discipline imbibed very early. For SPMs, the number of career opportunities in startups are going to be a lot and they need to understand the nuances before taking the leap.

Hara is a member of the extended board of ISPMA and has donned many roles in his three decades of career - SPM, CEO of a global enterprise software product, Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor.