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How to overcome the orchestration challenges in a large software organization like SAP by Timo Wagenblatt, SAP

Many hands and many brains are required to build for, introduce to and keep software products in the market. Software Product Managers are ultimately representing the product and are accountable for sustainable success of their products. Software Product Managers are information brokers, discoverers, prioritizers, communication hubs, subject matter experts and, yes, humans. Everyone in the software industry knows that it is already a challenge to manage all required activities and tasks for one product with one team. Learn how Timo introduced a software product management methodology at SAP that enables his product managers and the whole product teams to overcome the orchestration challenges which are coming at scale within a global enterprise like SAP.

Applying the methodology guides everyone involved to continuously improve the conditions for product success. The product teams benefit from a holistic product mindset that enables all stakeholders to

  • Understand the required ingredients for product success

  • Consistently assess the weak and strong areas of the product

  • Decide where focus is required and time investments are essential for the team based on a shared understanding  of the product

Timo is VP Product Management at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. He leads product

management of the SAP IT Core Value Chain organization to bring innovation to life

and value to SAP’s customers and employees.

Timo is dedicated to software product management for more than 15 years working with clients across the globe building world-class enterprise solutions. His passion can be best described as focus on continuously improving product management maturity while focusing on customer and employee success by evangelizing a product-mindset.

Recently Timo started his own business helping software product managers who work for companies in start-up phase to global enterprises. He focuses on balancing and consistently improving all aspects of Software Product Management towards an aligned product mindset in the product team, department and the overall organization.

Timo holds a Diploma in Business Administration with specialization on operations research, commercial information systems and industrial management. He is a conference board member of one of the largest product management conferences in Europe (Product Management Festival, Zurich).