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Moving from SaaS startups to an established enterprise - an experience report by Simon Zsebök, ZDF Enterprises

After having worked as software product manager at various startups in the media industry, Simon Zsebök is now VP of Digital Innovation at ZDF Enterprises which is the commercial arm of the largest public broadcaster in Germany. He reports on the differences and similarities, the challenges of bringing agility and a digital mindset into an established organization with a traditional culture, and why it is still fun.

Simon Zsebök started off working 2006 in various areas of theatrical film distribution and is holding a Bachelor's degree in Communication in Social and Economic Contexts. In 2012 he was assigned to his first SaaS project: Building a MEDIA funded co-production platform for the media industry. In 2014 Simon became a product owner in order to create the first global online film festival in the world. One year later he took over the responsibility for, acting as SPM. The last years have been dedicated to working as Head of Operations & Product for an OTT TV streaming service. Since August 2018 Simon has been assigned to drive the digital transformation of ZDF Enterprises in Mainz, Germany.