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Lean Product- and Portfolio-Management in SAFe by Thorsten Janning, Kegon

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is the backbone of the portfolio level, which implements its responsibilities through a series of three collaborations: 1) strategy & investment funding, 2) Agile portfolio operations and 3) Lean governance. Of these three primary collaborations, strategy and investment funding is arguably the most important. In this talk, Thorsten Janning, SPCT at Kegon, AG shares his real-world experience and knowledge about the strategy and investment funding collaboration, focusing on the Portfolio Kanban, which defines the flow of portfolio epics, the largest and most important initiatives. He will present his findings and best practices that goes beyond the current guidance in the framework, which will enable participants to improve their strategic planning and budgeting, react faster to changing markets and make value based portfolio decisions without losing control and transparency.

Dr. Thorsten Janning (born 1962) graduated in Mathematics and worked in the IT industry since 1990. His career took him as an architect and project manager over consulting and user organizations as well as a university professor to one of the first system integration and training companies quoted at the German new market as a CEO responsible for system integration and training.

As co-founder (in 2002) he is partner of KEGON AG. Focus of his professional activities is the development of efficient organizations by implementing agile organizations. He is one of the most experienced consultants in agile transformations on the basis of the Scaled Agile Framework in Europe. He is SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) and one of two European SAFe Fellows.