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How to scale high-performing product teams in enterprise software by Peter Krmpotic, Salesforce & Ex-Adobe

When software products achieve a certain size in terms of revenue, many organizations struggle with scaling their product teams accordingly. This struggle often prevents them from maintaining or even improving their growth rates.

Both Salesforce and Adobe have a very strong track record of acquiring promising startups, which go on to develop market-dominating software products. This requires continued strong growth rates and ruthless customer focus.

This session will talk about how product teams can maintain and reinforce their customer-centricity as they scale for growth. 

Peter Krmpotic is a Director of Product for Einstein at Salesforce, and former Group Product Manager at Adobe. In his role, Peter focuses on democratizing AI/ML, personalization at scale, digital asset management, and content marketing.

Prior to joining Adobe in 2014, Peter started his career as a software engineer in Germany and gradually moved into product management at startups in Silicon Valley, calling it home for more than a decade. Peter is passionate about customers, their use cases, and building scalable software for them. His interests include next-generation technologies, evolving organizational structures, and industry best practices.

Peter holds a master's degree in computer science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and is based in Salesforce's San Francisco office.