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Your best Product Manager self: A toolkit for a post-Agile world by Chris Rodd & Holly Bowman, Just Eat

Product management is awesome, but it’s also a relatively new discipline, so it can be quite daunting, full of icons and superheroes. We will dispel the mystery and reveal a few ugly truths about product management.

We start with a data-led piece of analysis into the current state of development methodologies, and our hypothesis that a lot of people are not in Agile any more. We’ll explore this concept of a post-Agile world and its consequences for product management.

We then explore how simple tools can fill the intellectual vacuum created by the ideas of impostorism and confident incompetency and give you the courage to succeed, while exploring common product management pitfalls and failings.

Finally, we will offer some ideas and techniques to enable everyone to their best possible product manager self.

Chris Rodd: FinTech Product Manager for restaurant payments at Just Eat. I’ve been here for over two years and my team is responsible for paying all our restaurants across nine different markets. I'm a keen student of product management and have been involved in agile software development for over eight years. I also like running and watching rugby with my cat.

Holly Bowman: Senior Product Manager for Global Opportunities at Just Eat. I’ve worked here for two years and am responsible - along with my team - for discovery and investigation of new product opportunities in our core European markets.