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Scaling agile in practice using SAFe in a medium-sized company by René Ulbricht, Product Manager, Diamant Software

Diamant Software is a medium-sized standard software producer specialized on accounting and controlling software. With SAFe Diamant Software addresses various challenges in its organization. Among them is the need for a flexible and scalable organization with fast feedback cycles. Another important aspect is the employer empowerment. We have introduced the SAFe process within less than three months and already saw positive effects in the first cycle and learned from there. After 6 months, the process has stabilized and we see significant positive effects. One key success is a much higher transparency on all levels and in all areas, which helps us to identify improvement areas easily.

René Ulbricht holds a diploma of engineering informatics and later on added a diploma in business economics. Worked at HP for 10 years primarily in the software division with focus on bug fixing and support processes, later on he brought this experience to Diamant Software and established the third level support there. Furthermore, he was responsible for the technical service and did help to establish the cloud business. Since beginning of 2018 he is responsible for the product management and his first challenge was the change to SAFe.