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Product Management in a Transformational Banking Environment by Lior Zadicareo, Head of Product Management Consulting, StarVision

The banking industry is undergoing a significant transformation, changes are generated from within where new technologies are integrated into traditional banking services and from outside where regulations enforcing new open banking practices and new technologies such as blockchain are forcing the banking industry outside its comfort zone. Technology is at the heart of this transformation.

This lecture examines the unique environment of the bank , the challenges it faces and how product management processes and product Managers should be at the heart of this transformation of banks into a new world. The lecture demonstrates how data driven product management is essential for banks to successfully transition into a new environment.

Lior Zadicareo has 30 years of experience in hi-tech, as product developer, development manager, business manager and marketing and product manager. Created the Product Management group at Amdocs. The first to assimilate Product Management methodologies, resulting in a change in the approach to Product Management. Co-founded StarVision a Product Management Consulting firm providing training, implementation and consulting services for product organizations. Built the Marketing organization as VP Marketing and Business Development at Traffix Systems (sold to F5 in February 2012).