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Advocating for the Software Product Mindset - When You are a Lone Software Product Manager in a Hardware-Focused Organisation by Barbara Hoisl, barbara hoisl / strategy & business planning

Are you sometimes feeling like an outlier in your organisation - because you are in charge of a software product or a software-intensive product, while the rest of the organisation is hardware-focused?
This workshop kicks off by looking at the differences in mindset and commonly used techniques that create a disconnect between software product managers and hardware-focused colleagues. There are hard economic reasons why software product management differs from management of physical products, for example regarding product life cycle, pricing and business models. 
After the initial presentation, the main part of the session will be dedicated to an experience exchange among participants, focused on the question: What can we do as software product managers to increase the success of our software-based products, given our respective organizational context?

Barbara Hoisl is a consultant and trainer, specializing in software-based business models and portfolio strategies. She supports fast-growing software and Internet businesses, as well as physical product vendors developing smart, connected products for the Internet of Things (IoT).
She draws on more than 25 years of direct, first-hand experience in the global software and Internet industry, including 14 years with HP. At HP, she worked in business planning, strategy and M&A for HP Software. 
During her career, Barbara acquired a deep understanding of growth and innovation models and of the business models that characterize the software and Internet industry. She shares this knowledge in her German-language reference book on strategies for vendors of IoT products: “Produkte digital-first denken: Wie Unternehmen software-basierte Produktinnovation erfolgreich gestalten”, Springer-Gabler 2018.
Barbara holds a master degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration from Technical University of Kaiserslautern. 
Barbara is a fellow of the ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association) and partner at, a leading provider of ISPMA-based certification training.
You find her at, on LinkedIn and Xing.