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NetLine & The Digital Transformation by Dirk Bracklow & Judith Semar, Lufthansa Systems

Since 1995 Lufthansa Systems develops software solutions for airlines worldwide. Back then the first products of the NetLine product line were created. Today NetLine serves more than 90 airlines are using NetLine to manage their aircraft and crew schedules. In the recent years, the speed of digital developments has increased, the airlines have to transform their IT landscape and their business models in order not to be left behind. 
In this presentation we want to share what we did and how we will continue renewing our product line and support our customers in their digital transformation.

Judith Semar, Product line Manager Lufthansa Systems, started her career at Lufthansa in 1999 and joined Lufthansa Systems in 2002, at first as a project manager, afterwards she became product manager and then went into portfolio & innovations. Since 2013 she is managing the product line NetLine.
Dirk Bracklow, Head of Product Management joined Lufthansa Systems in 1999 as software engineer, afterwards he did pre-sales and project management and then became team lead of a product team. Since 2012 he is team leader of a product management team.