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A different animal (Part II) – How to carve-out a software business from a professional service organization and make it independent by Jürgen Lux, BearingPoint

Establishing a software product business in a professional service and consulting organization is always a significant challenge. Business model, KPIs, incentive systems, role definitions, processes, culture – all need to be different if the product business is to succeed. BearingPoint decided to “verticalize” the business in Q4 2017. After giving a first progress report at the SPMS2018 this presentation is the sequel how the journey continued in 2018 making the business even more independent. An exciting report on achievements, challenges and lessons learned.

Jürgen Lux is a partner of BearingPoint, and is the Global Lead of Solutions within BearingPoint. Solutions stands for 20%+ of BearingPoint’s overall revenue and is an Operating Unit in which all activities related to the development, maintenance, implementation and operation of BearingPoint’s software products are bundled. Since April 2018 his main focus is the lead of the largest Product Unit within Solutions called RegTech (Regulatory Technology). As CEO RegTech he is in charge for this 110m EUR business and drives the further internationalization and transformation towards an independent software business. Jürgen has a degree in Business Mathematics.