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World Café on Innovation Experiments by Samuel Fricker (FHNW)
4:15 PM16:15

World Café on Innovation Experiments by Samuel Fricker (FHNW)

Developing and enhancing a software product is a race against the clock. Companies have used Lean Startup as a method to offer a product that is wanted fast and with a return on investment that is substantially larger than if waiting for perfection. With Lean Startup, companies engage in a rapid series of innovation experiments, where hypotheses about customers are developed and tested to achieve a good product-market fit. In this World Café session, we would like to understand how companies are doing innovation experiments. We will structure the World Café conversations with the questions of when to do innovation experiments (and when not), with whom to do innovation experiments (and with whom not), how to test hypotheses (and how to discover them), and how to measure and improve the performance of innovation experiments. As a participant, I will benefit from the rich experience exchange that results from the World Café conversations and will be able to bring home the collective advice that will be documented visually by each conversation leader.

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