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Value Engineering by Thomas Nordén (Tolpagorni)

The increase of competition in the Industrial world forces a change in the way we do business. It has a major impact on all communication with our customers. In addition, the customer behavior is changing. They look for a new type of cooperation with their partners. The product is still core but we need to define and discover the true value in our deliveries. So how do you as a Product Manager make sure you define and communicate the TRUE VALUES of your product offering to your customers?

Thomas Nordén has been working with B2B marketing and product marketing of high tech products and software for over 20 years. Before joining Tolpagorni, he worked ten years at Tobii AB, the world leader in eye tracking. Thomas is a thinker and a doer, and in roles such as product marketing manager, marketing communications manager and marketing manager he has gained extensive experience in launching products and creating marketing deliverables actually being used by sales. Success factors for doing this is the ability to define and communicate the value of complex products in a pragmatic way.