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UX 101 by Serena Dorrestijn (Bright Cape)

Technology has changed the way people develop products, conduct business, and create opportunities. This has led to the point where only delivering a good functioning product is not sufficient to satisfy market demands. To be able to properly compete, companies must deliver great functionality and great user experience in their products or services. UX has become a buzzword that is often seen as a magical black box to solve these issues. But does UX truly mean? What are the best practices? Why do we need it? What can it offer the field of software product development? How can UX help you get the most out of your products?

Serena Dorrestijn is a UX enthusiast from the Netherlands with a background in Psychology (MSc) and User System Interaction (PDEng). My interest in human reasoning together with a creative drive has led me to the field of User Experience (UX). I am passionate about designing systems or products that truly support and enhance human performance. Why would we create products that do not match or fit the needs of our users? How can it be that in such a rapidly evolving world, many companies are still not working in a human centric manner? I feel a system, service or product design becomes more powerful the moment design choices are based on concrete findings examined during user research or testing. Entering a creative process while keeping research findings in mind enables me to deliver products that do not only satisfy users, but also meet or exceed the client’s requirements. My mission: Advocate UX, start the conversation and collaborate with others to leave the world in a better way than we found it. One human centered product at a time.