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How We bring Cybersecurity to SMEs offering Digital Products by Samuel Fricker (FHNW)

Cyber attacks are becoming commonplace and a weapon that might be used even by your competitors. Cyber attacks do not only target big corporations. Today, more than 60% of the companies suffering from attacks are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs tend to lack training and do not have the means deployed to fight cybercrime. This situation is problematic because customers and individuals get exposed by compromised digital products, and as a vendor, you risk uncomfortable litigations. In this talk, we introduce four SMEs, Worldsensing, GridPocket, Scytl, and a startup from the University of Patras, their challenges, what they learned, and how they now harden their digital products. By participating in this talk, you will benefit from the SMEs' stories and the consolidated experience of the cybersecurity leaders Atos, Citrix, IBM, and Bitdefender who joined us in making cybersecurity so lightweight that even startups and small companies can embrace and utilize it to their business advantage.

Dr. Samuel Fricker is a Professor at FHNW interested in small products that solve big challenges. He leads FHNW in the Horizon2020 SMESEC.EU project that aims at developing a cybersecurity framework for small and medium-sized enterprises. You find more about him on