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Data Driven Product Management by Lior Zadicareo (StarVision)

We would like to think of Product Management as a scientific process. A process that relies on facts and data, empirical observations of real world phenomena and rational analysis. Product Management is at the heart of every innovation effort, but one of the challenges around innovation is turning it from an idea into reality and still keep the innovation focused and useful.

StarVision is developing a process, with a Corporate Product Management team where the concept of Data Driven Product Management is applied to cultivate innovation.
One of the key challenges to driving innovation is that it is easy to lose focus and stray away into ambiguity where your targets are not very clear to the organization, this leads to either achieving no targets or achieving the wrong targets. The Data Driven Product Management process is designed to ensure innovation remains focused on delivering value.

Lior Zadicareo is passionate about making products work in a way that maximises customer value and product monetization. Once and always a developer at heart.

Product Management and Marketing expert with 17 years experience in Product Management. 35 years of experience in hi-tech.

Built the Marketing organization as VP Marketing and Business Development at Traffix Systems (sold to F5 in February 2012).
Created the Product Management group at Amdocs. The first to assimilate Product Management methodologies, resulting in a change in the approach to Product Management.