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Blue Ocean Strategy for Radically Innovating Software Products by Katharina Peine (highQ Computerlösungen)

The software product manager needs to manage the product to achieve sustainable profits. Especially in a fast-paced environment such as the software industry, it is necessary to differentiate significantly from competition. The Blue Ocean Strategy is a model to shape market boundaries or even create new markets by changing the product definition and value proposition. It provides a conceptual framework and as well a 7 Step Method how to approach this (see Kim and Mauborgne (2017): Blue Ocean Shift). This presentation provides a brief introduction in Blue Ocean Strategy and the 7 Step Framework to support the software product manager coming up with radically product innovations.

Katharina Peine is interested in business aspects of IT applications and company-internal software product management. She holds a master degree in technically-oriented business administration and a PhD (Dr. rer. pol.) in technically oriented business administration, University of Stuttgart. In her thesis „Situational design of software product management“ she examines the role of product managers across different types of organizations and inter alia inheres an extensive scientific research and in-depth industrial study of software product management (published in the @ EUL Verlag in German). Katharina Peine works as product manager at highQ Computerlösungen GmbH, Freiburg. As an ISPMA fellow member she teaches the ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager training (excellence level: software product strategy). Katharina Peine is an associate lecturer at the University of Stuttgart, Hochschule Esslingen and Duale Hochschule Villingen-Schwennigen.