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The SPM journey for a global Service provider by Jean-Marie Maekelberghe (Victor Buck Services)

As part of Victor Buck Services’ overall company strategy the Product Management program is a key building block. This is a very new element to the organization. We need to be able to strategically position our products (key differentiation, value added proposal), with a firm participation/buy-in by internal and external customers and leverage our competitive advantage over the different industries we are serving today and new ones tomorrow. The digital journey is of course at the heart of this. And Time2Market is very high on the agenda.

Jean-Marie Maekelberghe joined Victor Buck Services at the start of the company journey. Today he brings more than 30 years of experience in product and service development, product management, marketing, pre-sales & sales, integration, support, with the latest years an explicit focus on Business Process Outsourcing industries. This knowledge has allowed Jean-Marie to assist clients in transforming their business operations and managing their journey through the development of numerous ‘Customer Communication Management’ & ‘Information Management’ solutions. His responsibilities today within Victor Buck Services include collaborating with the management team to develop strategic information management solutions supporting the further development of the company as a BPO.
Prior to joining Victor Buck Services, Jean-Marie held the position of Senior Analyst, at Xerox Belgium, where he was responsible for delivering end to end electronic document solutions for highest profile clients.
Throughout his career, he has worked for different market segments that include banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology, government and public sector.