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Building a framework-based product management job architecture by Greg Prickril (Prickril Consulting)

Defining the right product management roles and advancement path is critical to building a high-performance product management organization. Here used the ISPMA framework to define a comprehensive approach to defining job descriptions, a competency model and a job architecture.

Greg Prickril is a software product management consultant, coach and trainer specializing in the intersection of software product management with disciplines such as Scrum, Lean and Design Thinking. In a career spanning over 15 years, Greg has delivered multiple releases of enterprise software products on three continents at 3 of the 4 largest software companies in the world. Greg has been a guest speaker to MBA students at the University of Mannheim and the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University. He is a US citizen living in Heidelberg, Germany, and is available worldwide. Greg believes that product management should execute corporate strategy at the product/solution level. His passion is helping organizations realize the benefit of the product management discipline. Whether assessing product management organizational maturity, helping organizations ship great products or providing training end workshops, Greg is dedicated to generating business results for his clients.