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Best Practices for Documenting and Sharing Software Product Strategy - Experience Exchange by Barbara Hoisl

How do we document and share our software product strategy?This is not a trivial question: As we typically operate in fast-moving markets and constantly evolving organizations, it is hard to find the time to document product strategy at all, to keep it up to date, to put it into formats that are useful for sharing the strategy with different types of stakeholders, and to do all of this efficiently. This session will briefly recap which topics need to be covered in a software product strategy, present some key elements and tools that we have frequently seen used in software strategy documents, and open up the discussion for session participants to discuss their experiences and share best practices.

Barbara Hoisl is an independent strategy consultant and trainer. Her focus areas include software product strategy, portfolio management, software-based product innovation, IoT products, corporate innovation and Lean Startup.

Barbara draws on more than 25 years of direct, first-hand experience in the global software and Internet industry, including 14 years with HP. At HP, she worked in business planning, strategy and M&A for HP Software.

Earlier in her career, she managed development for a complex enterprise software product line at HP, so she knows the operational side of the technology business as well.
During her career, Barbara acquired a deep understanding of growth and innovation models and of the business models that characterize the software and Internet industry.

She holds a master degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Kaiserslautern and is an ISPMA fellow and co-author of several ISPMA syllabi.

You can find her full CV at