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Impact Mapping in Practice by Anna Lopatuhina (Yandex)

Impact Mapping is a tool for Agile release planning. 
It can help:
- mapping every epic and activity to overall product strategy
- setting the priorities
- adapting roadmap and plans during execution

I will describe how we've implemented Impact Mapping for quarter planning of Yandex Realty product (one of largest classified for realty in Russia), explain benefits and difficulties.

Anna Lopatuhina holds a Master in Computer Science (2006) and has been a Product Manager since 2010.

Product areas:
- Product stages from startups to mature products.
- Most experience lie in B2B products, recently switched to B2C products.
- Product Domains: FinTech (6 years of experience), classified (current position).

Initiated and established Product Management function in 500 employee company. Trained and supervised junior PMs.

Interested in Agile Product Management and building self-managed teams.