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Software Platform Management by Slinger Jansen, Utrecht University

Increasingly, software companies are realizing that they can no longer compete through product excellence alone. The ecosystems that surround platforms, such as operating systems, enterprise applications, and even social networks are undeniably responsible for a large part of a platform's success. With this realization, IT companies need to devise tools and strategies to improve their ecosystems and reinvent tools that others have invented many times before. In this session, the software platform management maturity model is presented. The model has been designed for IT companies to assess their platform management practices, set a goal for improvement, and execute an improvement plan.

Slinger Jansen is an assistant professor at the Department of Information and Computer Science at Utrecht University. He is one of the leading researchers in the domain of software ecosystems and co-founders of the International Conference on Software Business and International Workshop on Software Ecosystems. He is lead editor of the book “Software Ecosystems: Analyzing and Managing Business Networks in the Software Industry” and of several others. Besides his academic endeavors he actively supports new enterprises and sits on the boards of advisors of several start-ups.