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February 14 & 15 2019 | BANGALORE | Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB)

Contact information: 098450 56624

The global Software Product Management Summit brings together experts from the industry and academia and practitioners to exchange insights and best practices. With India’s growing prominence as the startup nation and the power house for many of the best  software products in the world, ISPMA has decided to hold the SPM Summit in India as well.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore  (IIMB), one of the top business schools in the world, is co-hosting the SPM Summit in India along with ISPMA. SPM Summit India is bringing together some of the best amongst the practitioners and  academics. One of the key highlights of the India SPM summit is the celebration of excellence in software product management.

Meet a community of professionals and enjoy networking and learning!

Summit Details


Summit Chairperson

Hara is a member of the ISPMA board. He teaches Software Product Management at premier Business Schools like IIMB.


Event History

The global Software Product Management Summit is an annual event. https://spmsummit.org.


Excellence Awards

Celebrating Software Product Management excellence is a high light of the India Summit

Conference Program

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