Software Product Management Summit 2019 features three session types specifically designed to foster informal knowledge exchange between attendees. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of sessions you can join during the conference!

Case Studies at the Marketplace

Case studies describe a practical case relevant for software product managers. The cases will be presented by a contributor at the Market Place using a large poster of the case. It is planned to have several case study sessions in parallel. The participants can choose between different cases.

Example of a Market Place: 6 parallel case study sessions at the market place; each session lasts about 30 minutes including Q&A; some minutes will be planned for the participants to refresh and change to the next case at the market place; as a contributor you will present your case several times to smaller groups of participants.

MINi workshops

Mini workshops will provide deep insights into interesting topics. A mini workshop can also be planned in addition to a presentation. Mini workshops are planned to target the more experienced audience of software product managers.

Mini workshops will last 90 minutes.

There will also be a presentation track at our conference. As all other conference elements the presentations will address hot topics and best practices for software product managers. A presentation will last approximately 30 minutes including a Q&A session.